The Artist

Cap d”en Font, Menorca

Living most of my life in relative isolation on the small island of Menorca, I have been able to work in a quiet, peaceful and meditative space free from most distractions.  Born in England, based in Menorca, and frequently traversing the United States, I translate travels, dreams and nature into an expression on canvas in my studio. Striving to capture that fleeting moment which causes one to linger, the resulting painted surface is intended to draw the observer into a meditative, magical space where light and colour merge and the viewer is encouraged to finish the story on their own.

Lindsay Mullen´s paintings are a direct response to nature and the light and atmosphere of her adopted country. Whether it is the shadowy leafy depths of a garden or the fleeting effect of light falling on a rose her expressive brushwork produces an abstract harmony with nature that compares with Monet´s later pictures. Through her eyes muted green , blues and ochres give us an almost spiritual insight into light and shade . Whether on a large or small scale, whether inspired by a leaf or the open sea, vision and grace combine to invest each image with a unique meaning. Although mostly conceived in her studio the paintings have the école de plein-aire feeling of the impressionists and instill a feeling of well being and oneness with nature.

A poetic journey through the sensually up lifting world of colour and textural oil painting. A meditative, mystical and spiritual interpretation of landscape through the symbiosis of art and nature. A subjective analysis of light through the application of layered and mixed paint applied to canvas with knife and brush.